Monday, October 31, 2005

Rant Advocating Not Advocating

I read this article on the MSNBC Web site today, and I can't believe it. Apparently, a Wisconsin Catholic school cancelled a fashion show -- to raise money for the school -- because some of the clothes would be modeled after the American Girls series dolls. And apparently, the American Girls series supports abortion and lesbianism. Now, from what I read in the article, it seems that the American Girls series supports Girls Inc., which is an organization that provides scholarships and education (including sex education), and promotes growing and learning and all that good stuff parents want for their daughters.

First of all, I feel bad for any girl in that area that happened to grow up loving the American Girls series. Anyone who has read them has to realize that those books make girls feel good about themselves. It also helps kids to realize that they have the same problems that kids 20 and 30 years ago had.

On top of that, I am so sick of these organizations that pick up one little detail and ruin things -- events, children's books, etc. -- for everyone else. Even if the organization does something as silly as providing girls with correct information they might actually need one day, like information about safe sex, or supports her right to make her own decisions, especially those about her body, who cares?! Do any kids really research the publishing companies and supporting organizations of the books they read? No. Hell, most adults don't.

I think that some advocacy organizations need to back off people who disagree with them. Some organizations need to back off people who AGREE with them. I don't understand why people can't just sit around and talk to each other about issues that concern them. I don't want anybody shoving any cause down my throat.

Here's the article site, for however long it's still up:


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