Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Almost an accident

I almost got in a car accident this morning on the way to work.

I was on a pretty busy road, probably a numbered road but not a highway. There are two lanes, and the left lane is always backed up in the morning. So some people, myself included, drive up in the right lane and cut over when the lane ends. But that's what happened.

So I'm in the right lane, and I'm going about 30ish because there's no one in front of me, and a car from the left lane (I think there was a woman driving) just pulls in front of me. I slam on my breaks and lay on my horn, and she stops, waits for a second, then puts her hand up like, OK, I'm going now. I'm still shaking my head at her as she accelerates and slams right into an SUV coming from the other direction and making a left. I slam on my breaks again and sit there, stunned. I can't believe she just hit that car. The cars behind me start pulling around the accident, and I do the same.

I still can't believe it.
A - That could've been me, either that she slammed into, or that slammed into the SUV. She may not have been paying attention, but I know I couldn't see the SUV turning from where I was, so I probably would've hit it.
B - I didn't stop and I didn't call 911. I know how to get to work, and I go on that road every day, but if you asked me in a normal conversation what road it was, I wouldn't be able to tell you. In a situation like that, I freeze. Plus, as Bill mentioned, if I had stayed until the cops got there to give my account of what happened or something, the woman in the car might have tried to blame me for cutting her off or something.

I feel horrible. And my heart is still pounding. And I'm so glad it wasn't me.


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